Cat Versus Human in iPad Video Game

Friskies has just unveiled a new video game at the South-by-Southwest conference that you and your cat can play on the iPad called “You vs Cat.” This game is like air hockey in which the pet owner flicks a piece of cat food toward the goal while the cat tries to deflect it by pouncing on the iPad. Seeing this game in action is showing evidence early on that cats are better at it than humans.

Cat Versus Human in iPad Video GameFriskies has already made headline by creating several single-player games for your gat to play on your iPod. They have created these games through behavioral research and what appeals to the cat’s senses. In addition, they also conducted several focus groups made of cats to see what they did and did not like. They feel that a good way to enrich your cat’s brain is to play games with them.

The reigning champion is named Buddy the Cat. One person, who is a writer for Buzzfeed, has admitted that they have lost three games in a row to the champion. Worldwide, on the leader board, it is cats two thousand ninety-one to one thousand two hundred fifty for humans.

Some people may wonder why they should let their cat swipe their paws over an eight hundred dollar iPod but Friskies assures owners that there is little danger in the cat’s claws hurting the iPod screen. If you have a plastic fill cover, then there is a good possibility that their sharp claws could damage the cover. Next week, the app will be a free download if you want to challenge your cat to a game of “You vs Cat.”