Special Forces Soldier Sentenced to Prison

Pedro Pimentel, age fifty-five has been sentenced to six thousand sixty years in prison for his part in the Las Dos Erres massacre that claimed two hundred one lives in 1982. The number of years is only symbolic because the maximum numbers of years inmates are allowed to serve are fifty according to Guatemala’s laws, which is where he received his sentence. He is the fifth soldier to be sentenced in this crime. Four other soldiers were sentenced to the same amount of years last August.

Pedro Pimentel was deported last year from Los Angles, California to face the charges of crimes against humanity and murder. All five soldiers have been accused of blindfolding, bludgeoning with a sledgehammer, and strangling villagers, including a new born baby before they were all dumped down a forty-nine foot well. All total there were twenty soldiers involved.

Pedro Pimentel has maintained his innocence and states that he was not there at the time of the massacre. He states that in November 1982 he was not in the area but another soldier who did take part in the massacre testified that Mr. Pimentel was there. The total number of years that each soldier received was because they were given thirty years in prison for crimes against humanity and thirty years for each one of the victims.