Strong Earthquake Shakes Northern Japan

On Wednesday evening northern Japan was shook by a strong earthquake that only caused little tidal changes on the Pacific coastline. There were no other injuries or damage reported. Many towns near the coast issued evacuation advisories or orders for the residents. Approximately one hour after the quake hit, in the port of Hachinohe reported a swelling of the sea of only eight inches. Approximately an hour and half after the earthquake, all of the tsunami advisories and warnings had been lifted.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency the earthquake measured at a six point eight magnitude. Approximately two hours later there was an aftershock of five point nine. In the town where eight hundred died from the tsunami in 2011, the officials of Otsuchi issued an evacuation order as a precaution.

Strong Earthquake Shakes Northern JapanOtsuchi is in the Iwate prefecture where there was heavy damage by the earthquake and the tsunami that followed last year. Since that time there have been thousands of aftershocks. Most of these aftershocks have been from minor to moderate in strength. The earthquake that hit in 2011 was a magnitude of nine point zero and left approximately nineteen thousand people reported as either missing or dead.

This last earthquake was not felt in Tokyo but was centered on Hokkaido Island, approximately one hundred forty six miles from Kushiro, Japan. There is no threat of a Pacific-wide tsunami forming.