Texas Shootout—Four Wounded, One Killed

On Wednesday, one person was killed outside the courthouse in Houston, Texas and there were four wounded, including the gunman. One of the person’s who were wounded was not only shot by the gunman but was run over by his truck. The gunman was seriously injured after a wild gunfight with the police.

As the gunman was driving away he was shooting at the police and they were shooting back at him causing people to duck under cars to keep from being hit. The gunman eventually surrendered but police did not identify him. A judge stated that the suspect was a defendant in a child sexual assault case that was being tried.

The shooting started outside the courthouse in the parking lot during a recess in the trial. The gunman had apparently went to his truck, got a weapon, and opened fire. He proceeded to drive around the courthouse shooting randomly. There were at least seven police officers who returned fire. In a nearby building, the gunman took hostages but after a short standoff, he released them. The police had talked to him on the phone and he told them that he was wounded and wanted to give himself up. No identification yet on the person killed or the three wounded.