Eight Year Old in Indonesia to Kick Smoking Habit

A young boy, who is just eight years old, smokes a more than twenty-five cigarettes each day. To kick his habit, he will undergo thirty days of therapy. This habit that he is kicking is a four year old habit. Yes, he has been smoking since he was four years old. The boy, only identified as Ilham, needs emergency help because his addition has reached the alert level and his behavior is being affected according to Indonesia’s Child Protection Commission.

Eight Year Old in Indonesia to Kick Smoking HabitAccording to the chairman of the Commission, Arist Merdeka Sirait, when the young boy does not smoke for some time there is a dramatic change in his behavior and is like he is being possessed by several evil spirits. His father states that his son can become uncontrollable, aggressive, enraged, and would smash whatever was around, including glass windows. He is hoping the therapy will help his son so he lives a life that is normal and goes to school. During the therapy they will try to take his attention from cigarettes to playing or some other activity.

In Indonesia, they have the world’s highest percentage rate of young smokers with approximately twenty-five percent of the children from the ages of 3 and 15 have tried smoking. In 2010 a video can out showing an overweight 2 year old drawing on a cigarette heavily who was from Sumatra island. He kicked his cigarette habit with a treatment similar to the one the eight year old is going to undertake. According to his parents he was smoking forty cigarettes each day. In Indonesia, a pack of twenty cigarettes cost just over one dollar.