Recent United States Weird Weather Statistics

The weather in the United States for the last part of 2011 and the first part of 2012 have been strange, to say the least. You could almost say that the weather here is stuck on being extreme. During the winter Anchorage, Alaska has seen almost eleven feet of snow while the rest of the United States has not seen much snow. With this eleven feet of snow, it is almost a record but it has forced the city to take away approximately two hundred fifty thousand tons of snow.

And the first three months of 2012 have not been “normal” either with the United States seeing twice the usual number of tornados, with many of them being deadly. As of March 15th, there have been thirty-six states that have set daily records with high temperatures. During the whole month of March, there have been one thousand seven hundred fifty-seven daily records with high temperatures set. This is almost the same as during the heat wave of last summer.

Michigan has had two unusual happenings during March. They have set twenty-six heat records with some of the state reporting temperatures in the eighties. On Thursday, March 15th, they had six rare tornadoes strike there. It is not unprecedented that tornadoes happen but not usually this many in March. Across the nation in January and February there have been confirmed one hundred thirty-two tornadoes. In March, so far, there have already been more than one hundred fifty tornadoes.

According to meteorologists there are two different weather phenomena that have been shifting temperature and storm patterns through out the world, which are La Nina and the northern cousin called the Arctic Oscillation but there is not a single weather event that you can link to global warming.