Starbucks to Open First Juice Bar

On Monday, March 19th, Starbucks will be opening its first new Evolution Fresh juice bar. This is one of the biggest moves Starbucks has made outside its coffee shops. It is hoping that this move will boost the company’s position in the fifty billion dollar sector of health food. The first juice bar will be in Bellevue, Washington. Bellevue is an upscale city that can be found east of Seattle.

Starbucks to Open First Juice BarThe Evolution Fresh juice bar will offer its customers fresh and bottled vegetable and fruit juices, foods such as soups, salads, and wraps, and smoothies. On the menu there will also be some vegetarian and vegan options. Starbucks has not yet stated just how many juice bars they are planning to open but how many will probably depend on the popularity of the first juice bar.

In November 2011, Evolution Fresh was acquired by the Starbucks chain for thirty million dollars in cash. At that time, the Chief Executive of Starbucks said that independent juice bars that were successful had annual sales of more than one million dollars per unit. Since Starbuck’s purchased the company, they have expanded its distribution of its bottled juices to more grocery stores.

In 2012, Starbucks’ company owned stores will begin to sell juices. When Evolution Fresh makes their juices, they use a high-pressure, heat-free pasteurization process so the juice will retain more of the nutrients in its products.