Earthquakes Rock Acapulco, Mexico City

The news and social media sites around the world are ablaze with updates on the 7.6 earthquake that has hit near Acapulco, felt also in Mexico City, as buildings swayed.  It’s been reported that the Mexico early warning system kicked in to warn Mexico City residents in advance of the tremors.  Mexico City residents were seen on news feeds congregating in city parks, away from buildings that could pose a danger of collapse.

Earthquake hits near Acapulco, Mexico City and San Diego feel effects
Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP - Getty Images

There’s plenty of accounts of the earthquake experience by residents of Acapulco and Mexico City, with Mexico City Mayor Marcel Ebrard tweeting that all key infrastructure, such as water, are still operational.

MSNBC reported on some of the residents experiences:

 “I swear I never felt one so strong, I thought the building was going to collapse,” said Sebastian Herrera, 42, a businessman from a neighborhood hit hard in Mexico’s devastating 1985 earthquake, which killed thousands.

Groups of women hugged and cried at Mexico City’s Angel of Independence monument, where hundreds of people evacuated from office buildings said they never had felt such a strong earthquake.

Others typed ferociously on their Blackberries. Samantha Rodriguez, a 37-year old environmental consultant, was evacuated from the 11th floor on the Angel Tower office building.

“I thought it was going to pass rapidly but the walls began to thunder and we decided to get out,” she said.

Mexico City’s airport was closed for a short time but there was no damage to runways and operations were returning to normal.

You can read the full MSNBC online report of the Mexico City earthquake effects here.

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