Bill Parcells Going To New Orleans Saints?

Is Bill Parcells going to the New Orleans Saints this coming season? Well, if you believe Bill Parcells, he is not going to be the head coach of New Orleans Saints. Of course, why would he tell the truth, right?

According to Brett Martel of the Associated Press, Bill Parcells squashed the rumor mills of his plans to go to coach the Saints:


Bill Parcells said Monday that the Saints have not contacted him about possibly coaching the team in the wake of Sean Payton’s one-year suspension, which still could be appealed.

Parcells did say, however, that Payton has spoken to him about how to handle the season.

The Saints have yet to announce their future coaching plans, and Payton’s agent, Donald Yee, said ”no decisions have been made about an appeal.”


So there you have it, he must clearly not be going to the Saints, right?

Bill Parcells interim head coach New Orleans Saints


When Parcells was asked if anyone in the Saints organization had talked to him about coaching the team in 2012, he said ”No,” prior to the New York Mets’ spring training game Monday against St. Louis.

Well again, a big NO.

The New Orleans Saints are in need of an interim coach for next season thanks to that nasty bounty system that they were running, for big hits on targeted players.

General manager Mickey Loomis, who will serve an eight-game suspension for the system that paid Saints players for big hits on targeted players. Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been suspended indefinitely.

Last Friday, Payton apologized for the bounty system, taking ”full responsibility” for the program that operated for three years under his watch. His former defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, has been suspended indefinitely for overseeing the bounty pool.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Bill Parcells was telling the truth about not meeting with the New Orleans Saints about a potential Interim head coaching job.


You can read the full AP story here.