Bobby Brown Arrested For DUI Monday

Yesterday, in new filed under “Not So Shocking” and “No Surprise”, the ex husband of Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown arrested for DUI, is at the top of the news wires today.  This apparently is not Bobby Brown’s first DUI arrest, according to the Huffington Post:

However, reported this isn’t the first time Brown has been arrested for DUI — his first DUI arrest was in 1996. And, in fact, many of his run-ins with the law involved addiction-related problems.

The International Business Times reported that Brown developed a crack and heroin addiction in the 1990s, though he has said he no longer uses drugs and only drinks alcohol now. reported that Brown was also arrested for marijuana possession in 2003 (in addition to driving without a valid license and speeding).

You can read the whole HP story here, about Bobby Brown’s history of drinking and driving, and drug arrests.

Bobby Brown Arrested For DUI MondayThis time around, Bobby Brown apparently had a blood alcohol content well over 0.08 while driving on Monday.

In the same story, the Huffington Post article reveals a more shocking statistic than Bobby Brown’s number of arrests.  They report that one in ten U.S. adults have admitted that they suffered from either drug or alcohol abuse at one time in their past.  What this means is that over 23.5 million Americans have admitted to drug and/or alcohol related addictions.

These numbers came from a study by the Partnership at