Jetblue Pilot Goes Berserk After Cockpit Lock Out

Jetblue is in the news again for an outburst by an on duty employee.  This time it was WAY scarier as it involved the on duty Jetblue Captain, who apparently went a little berserk after being locked out of the cockpit.  The pilot has been identified as 12 year Jetblue veteran Clayton Osbon.  Osbon was subdued by several passengers.

As this Reuters post outlines things got a little tense up in the sky on this Jetblue plane:

JetBlue, which had said on Tuesday the flight was diverted due to a “medical situation” involving the captain, identified the pilot as Clayton Osbon, a 12-year veteran of the airline.

Passengers who were on the plane described a chaotic mid-flight scene in which a man in a JetBlue uniform, apparently locked out of the cockpit, began banging on the door and demanding to be let inside. Passengers subdued him.

“People behind me, a bunch of big guys, started going up there and trying to help, and we found out that the guy banging was actually the pilot, and he was trying to get into the cockpit because the other co-pilot had locked him out,” passenger Grant Heppes told Reuters.

“Everybody seemed pretty nervous,” he said. “Nobody was sure what was going on. Everybody seemed very concerned.”

Jetblue termed the issue a medical condition, and Captain Osbon is in the hands of medical personnel ( the psych type we would venture to guess), and also in the hands of the FBI who are investigating the incident that occurred Tuesday.

Jetblue Pilot Goes Berserk After Cockpit Lock Out
AP Photo

The FAA had this to say about the Jetblue pilot incident:

In Tuesday’s incident, the Federal Aviation Administration cited an “onboard medical emergency” as the reason for the diversion, and said preliminary information showed the co-pilot became concerned that the captain had “exhibited erratic behavior during the flight.”

“The captain had exited the cockpit during the flight, after which the co-pilot locked the door,” an FAA statement said. “When the captain attempted to enter the locked cockpit, he was subdued by passengers.”