How To Catch Trout

You don’t have to use fly rods
and match the hatch to catch
trout. When trout get hungry,
anyone can catch them on their
favorite lightweight spinning or
spincasting combo.

Catch Trout

Purist fly fishermen don’t
like to think about this, but
trout also crave nightcrawlers,
angle worms, red wigglers,
wax worms, and even maggots.
Minnows dead or alive work,
as well as live crayfish and
crayfish tails. They even go
bonkers over leeches.

The most popular bait for
trout is probably Berkley®
PowerBait® and a variety of
different types of salmon eggs.
Human treats also catch
trout. Try mini marshmallows,
canned corn, peas, cheese and
even hot dog chunks. One of the
biggest trout ever taken on Lake
Taneycomo in southern Missouri
was caught by a kid using a
McDonald’s French fry.

Larry Whiteley is
host of the award winning “Bass
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