Jimmy Kimmel: Do Gluten Free People Even Know What Gluten Is? (Video)

With more and more “health conscious” consumers switching to a gluten free diet, you assume these consumers have done their research, right?

While some people are actually intolerant to gluten, as diagnosed by their doctor, you get the feeling the vast majority of consumers are just jumping on the gluten free bandwagon.  If it’s bad for some, it must be bad for me?  People are literally cutting out a major part of their diet based on friends or family members telling them it’s bad for you.

I’m not saying these gluten free bandwagon riders are all insane, but I don’t know all the facts on gluten.  In fact I’ve never done any research on it.  But, if I did decide to go gluten free, I believe I would do some pretty indepth research to see a) what exactly gluten is, kimmel_screenand b) why it is something I should not be eating.

I wonder if any of these gluten free people out there have done any research?  Well Jimmy Kimmel decided to find out for us, by interviewing gluten free people near a health club in LA, and asking them “Do you know what Gluten is?”

Granted this is a pretty small sample, but I think you can likely guess what their answers were.  In fact, Kimmel’s audience did get to guess before each answer.  Here it is above.