Homeless Lottery Winner Gets an Even Bigger Surprise Prize? (Video)

Just when you thought the amazing story of Homeless Lottery Winner was long done and gone from the headlines, today the uplifting story was taken up a notch.  A very BIG notch.

Back in March Eric was given a fake winning lottery ticket as a handout.  When he cashed in the ticket, he was told he won $1,000.  He tried to give most of it back to Rahat, that man who provided the cash.

Well, Rahat then setup a donations account for Eric the homeless lottery winner, and the amazing people of the internet donated. A lot.  Over $44,000!

Rahat proceeded to rent a home for Eric, pay for it for a year, fill it with new furniture and appliances, and give Eric access to the remaining $20,000 + in a joint checking account.

Rahat picks up Eric at the motel he’s staying at now, and Eric tells him the great news.  He has a NEW job!  Well, Eric is about to give him some better news…Watch it all unfold in the video.  Faith in humanity, restored, for now.