PSA: Stop Feeding Buzzfeed By Taking Their FB Quizes (video)

The internet has become a sad, sad cesspool of time wasting crap.  Look no further than Facebook, and Buzzfeed.  I’m sure you’ve seen them on Facebook lately.  The lazy, the stupid, the ignorant, the bored, and even some people you thought were smart, wasting their life away doing Buzzfeed’s Facebook quizes.  Well, Youtube sensation Glove and Boots have come to the rescue to help persuade these idiots from taking these “quiz’s”

You know, the important quiz’s like:

“Which Ousted Arab Spring Ruler Are you?”

“How Experienced in Pooping Are You?”

“What is your Inner Potato”

“What Star Wars character are you?”

And of course, we all need to know:  “What kind of Dog are You?”

Grown adults are clicking on these facebook posts from Buzzfeed, completing the quiz, and THEN, they are sharing them on their walls so that more of their stupid, or lazy, or ignorant or bored, and even smart friends can take the quiz too.