Has Christopher Columbus Ship Santa Maria Been Found?


This could be the biggest underwater archaeological discoveries ever.  Christopher Columbus’ ship Santa Maria may have been found off of Haiti, it was announced today.

Barry Clifford, team leader of an expedition looking for the Santa Maria, said he has found the 500 year old wreck in just 10 to 15 feet of water. It is embedded in a reef near Haiti’s north coast.

What makes Clifford so sure he’s found the Santa Maria? He says it’s the discovery of a 15th century designed cannon that he discovered at the wreck site.

The discovery has it’s doubters though.  It seems unlikely that it took so long to find such a famous ship when it was just off the coast of Haiti.  It’s been mentioned in history books that planks from the sunken Santa Maria were taken and used in the building of a fort on Haiti by Columbus.

Clifford actually found the wreck in 2003, but didn’t form his conclusion on the cannon correctly until this year.

Check the video above for more details.