Official FIFA World Cup Song (and Video) by Pitbull (Who Else)

Who better to sing the official FIFA World Cup Song, “We Are One” but Mr. Worldwide?   Pitbull seems to be everywhere these days, and now he’s singing the official song for the worlds greatest sporting event, FIFA World Cup.

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This is an uplifting video, and apparently very popular too.  The We are One video by Pitbull was uploaded to YouTube on May 16, 2014 and already has over 23 Million views.  Not surprisingly, there are 160,000 likes for the video AND 49,000 thumbs downs.  One can only presume those 49,000 thumbs down people were hoping for Ricky Martin.  Or maybe Justin Bieber?  Bieber was too busy throwing eggs at his neighbor to accept the project.

Joining Pitbull in the video is Jennifer Lopez, and Claudia Leitte.  It’s not clear if any of these artists have ever kicked a soccer ball in their life.  Here’s their video.