Shakira’s “La La La” 2014 World Cup Song Crushes Pitbulls “We are One”


It didn’t take long for Shakira to answer Pitbull’s popular FIFA World Cup 2014 song.  She released it on Youtube May 22, and it’s already seen well over 16 million views.

Meanwhile, one week since launch on YouTube, Pitbull’s We are One has seen just 28 million views.

More interesting, are the thumbsup and down numbers for the videos.  Here’ it becomes clear that Shakira’s La La La is the big winner in this little musical war.

Pitbulls has 190,000 thumbs ups, versus a rather high 58,000 thumbs down.  Shakira already has 160,000 thumbs ups, and only 9,400 downers.

Which song do you prefer?