#StopThe1DIssue Goes Viral on Twitter, You Won’t Believe Why

Oh the horror.  One Direction fans are up in arms on Twitter, as the #StopThe1DIssue is trending around the world.  Why are they so upset?  It seems a video was leaked (stolen) showing two 1D band members smoking cannabis while travelling in Peru.

The “guilty” parties shown smoking the pot are Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson.  The were sharing a joint as they were getting ready to leave Peru, and Tomlinson could be heard saying “So, here we are, leaving Peru. Joint lit. Happy days.”

one direction marijuana issue

By now you’re probably saying, “So What?” And we would agree with you.  In this day and age of pot legalization, and softening of legal stance, why is this even considered an “issue”.  Apparently it is an issue with a lot of the non pot smoking One Direction fans!

That’s right, 1D fans are ripping up their concert tickets because the band members smoked pot.  What??  So these fans would rather rip up their $200 tickets than see an evil pot smoking band that they love?  Along with some fans, parents and drug charities are also irate with the band over this little joint.

So lets compare:  Justin Bieber gets drunk and high and then races a sports car through the streets of Miami.  Michael Jackson brings kids into his bedroom.  Thousands of musicians die from their heroin addiction.  Mass hysteria breaks out when two One Direction band members smoke a joint before a concert.  Maybe the #Stopthe1DIssue should be changed to #StopTheMadness.