NY Rangers Stanly Cup Tickets For Sale: Most Expensive Tickets Ever?

It seems the economy is doing just fine after all.  There’s been a lot news about high unemployment, raising minimum wages across the country lately, yet those with jobs seem to have plenty of spare cash lying around.  Take the NY Rangers tickets for game 3 and 4 in NY, for example.

It seems Rangers fans are willing to forgo several months rent to buy a single ticket to one stanley cup hockey game.   That’s right, some NY Rangers game 3 tickets at Madison Square Gardens are going for over $5,000 for ice level seats (11 rows back from the ice) on the secondary markets.   There are actually 11 of these available.  While we can’t research whether or not this is a record price for a sporting event ticket, we are confident it is close.

But don’t worry, there are also plenty of lower priced tickets for those that aren’t trust fund babies.  For example, you can sit in level 4, that’s right, way up in level 4 at the end of the rink, for the low price of only $1,163!  Or, you could just buy groceries for the next couple months, and watch the games on tv, up close and personal.  Here’s a shot of what an $1100 view looks like:



Of course, not to be outdone by their New York rivals, LA Kings fans get to spend several months rent for their tickets too.  The Los Angeles Kings Game 2 tickets are sky high as well, though not quite as much.  However there are a couple of row one tickets available still, for the insanely low price of $8,455 per ticket.

Here’s some of the buzz on the LA Kings vs New York Rangers stanley cup tickets around twitter:

Selling 2 tickets for Game 1 tonight Any fans interested? Face value for pair in 300s.

“is tonight’s game in LA even going to sell out? you can buy tickets right now  … what a joke”


To everybody out there in IG world I’m buying and selling ALL LA KINGS vs NEW YORK RANGERS tickets. So…