#YouAndIFragrance1D – Surprise, (Yet Another) One Direction Fragrance

So just what is #YouAndIFragrance1D, the twitter hashtag that is super trending around the world?  Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  For that matter, how many rocket scientists out there, actually like One Direction. I’m going out on a limb and guessing zero.  But I digress.  And by this time, you’ve probably already figured out that #YouAndIFragrance1D means One Direction is releasing another fragrance, this one called You and I.

You and I is the THIRD fragrance from One Direction.  They are certainly milking that (cash) cow for all it’s worth.  This latest 1D fragrance will be available later this summer.  This proves teeny boppers parents will spend any amount of money on their spoiled princesses.  Even sub par perfume from a boy band.

If you watch the unlisted Youtube video below, you’ll see that One Direction really doesn’t have to put a lot of effort into these fragrance releases.  They could likely piss into a fancy looking bottle, call it “A little Bit of Us” and it would sell millions.  Liam says the band worked real hard coming up with a fragrance they all liked, and they worked real hard designing the packaging and the bottle too.  I doubt they’ve smelled it or seen the packaging, but hey, they kiddies will eat this up like everything else from 1D.  Or will they?

The buzz on the internet is that the kiddies are fed up.  A lot of comments are indicating they just don’t have any more cash to shell out on these things, they’re not millionaires, etc.  Here’s a sampling of the gripes:

I’m not ready for a new perfume I haven’t got That Moment yet.
Guess i’m gonna have to sell one of my body parts to afford this
I have the first and the second, but they’re bringing new ones out before i can finish them!