Big Call Buyer in Harley Davidson Inc (NYSE: HOG)

One large investor is revving up Harley Davidson (NYSE: HOG) call options this morning.  The unusual trade was for 6300 + Aug 75 call options, 86% at the ask, in the 98 cent range.

So why is this one buyer hitting the HOG August 75 calls?  Clearly they have some sort of material info that hasn’t been released to the general public.  Or, he’s a gambler….take your pick.

Some things going on with Harley Davidson right now:

It was announced they are developing an electric motorcycle.  I don’t see how that would be a game changer for HOG.  I mean, how do you make that signature HOG sound and vibration with an electric engine?

So it’s not likely the electric engine that has this insider info trader excited.  Our money is on surprise earnings.  HOG earnings come out July 24, a month before the August $75 calls expire.  What do you think?

Here’s the Harley Davidson (NYSE: HOG) chart: