Unusual Large Call Buy in AES Corp. (AES)

A large buyer came into AES options this morning, buying 7,127 July 16 calls.  This was an opening buy and 83% of it at the ask.  This is a rather large, unusual trade from a single investor in this issue.


AES Corp (NYSE: AES) is trading at $15.34 this morning, up 13 cents or .85%.


So why is an investor making such a large bet in AES Corp?  Well, only they (and a select few others) know the answer to that one.  Though, as usual, we’ll get some news in the next few days that will finally bring the rest of us investors up to speed with the the insiders.


Here’s what’s cooking with AES right now:

They are investing $2 Billion in the Philippines expanding it’s coal fired power plant.  That can’t be the motivation.

AES Corp is selling its 50% stake in Silver Ridge Power LLC for $165 Million.

Earnings release for AES Corp is not until August 4, so that’s not it.

Looks like we’ll just have to wait to see how this plays out.

Here’s the AES Corp chart: