Options Buzz: Big Call Spread on Waters Corporation (WAT)

One “knowledgeable” investor just executed an opening buy of 2275 Nov $115 – $130 call spread in Waters Corporation (WAT).   This options trade represents 5 times the normal options volume in NYSE: WAT.

9 minutes later, the trader added another 725 of these November call spreads to their account.


Waters Corporation (WAT) is currently trading at $105.83 today, down 24 cents.  It seems this investor expects WAT to rise significantly over the next few months.  It may be wise play to buy some of the common, based on the size of this bet.

Waters Corp is a designer and manufacturer of advanced analytical instruments like liquid chromatography, mass spectrometers, and more.  Not exactly a sexy market, but when a knowledgeable investor makes a sizeable bet like this you definitely want to get in on the action.

Waters Corp announces Q2 earnings on July 21, 2014.   Other than earnings, there really doesn’t appear to be any major catalysts coming down the pipe.  It’s possible someone has gotten wind of an analyst upgrade, but we’ll wait and see what transpires.

Here’s the 5 day chart on Waters Corporation (WAT):