New Huge Option Bet On NextEra Energy (NEE)

One large investor swooped in first thing this morning, just afternoon, to buy 4754 Aug 105 calls in NextEra Energy (NEE).   The buyer paid $1.15, making this a considerable bet of just under $547,000.

NextEra Energy (NEE) is currently trading at $101.42, up 69 cents so far today.  When the big call buy traded, the stock was down around $100.70.  Those same call options could be sold right now for $1.30 for a quick gain of $71,310.  However, given the size of the bet, it’s likely this investor is waiting for a much bigger payday.

NextEra is in the process of an IPO in NextEra Energy Partners spinoff, a solar and wind energy projects company.  They are expecting to receive about $320 million in proceeds from the public offering.

It’s possilbe this buy option buy is related to this share offering, though it’s not clear how.  It could be that the expected offering price of $19 – $21 per share was underestimated and a higher price has leaked to this investor.  Of course that is just an assumption by us.

It’s also possible NextEra Energy (NEE) Q2 earnings have leaked early.  They are scheduled to be release July 28.

Regardless of the reason(s), this large investor is in big for some kind of material event involving NEE coming down the pipeline.

Here’s the chart on NextEra Energy (NEE):