Yesterday’s Huge Crocs Inc (CROX) Call Buyer Up Big Today

Yesterday we wrote about a very large call buy in Crocs Inc. (CROX).  One trader seemed to have a crystal ball telling him that earnings would surprise to the upside on CROCS.  That trader bought 4,852 August $15 calls in CROCS.

We don’t have the buy price handy right now, but believe it was in the 70 cents range per contract, with a $315,000 total investment.

Currently, in premarket, Crocs, Inc. is trading at $15.89 up $1.05 with the market opening in 3 minutes.  We’ll post the current call option price as soon as the market opens.


Crocs Inc. (CROX) beat expectations handily and sees strong earnings for second quarter 2014.

Crocs is now trading up $1.12 to $15.96.  The August $15 calls are bidding $1.00 to ask of $1.10, last at $1.08.  We are out.