Why They’re Up Huge: On Track Innovations (OTIV), Net Element Intl (NETE), NPS Pharmaceuticals (NPSP)

The Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P are all struggling to stay afloat, but a few companies are managing to buck the trend and skyrocket on huge volume.  Some of the biggest gaining Nasdaq stocks have been On Track Innovations (OTIV), Net Element Intl (NETE), and NPS Pharmaceuticals (NPSP).

On Track Innovations (OTIV) was a little known or followed mobile payments company. Little known mobile payments became the buzz word of the week thanks to Apple’s iPhone 6 launch. On Track Innovations (OTIV) is up a whopping 26% today, so far, on very high volume of 23.5 million shares.   This little company usually trades a dismal 500,000 shares per day on average.

On Track Innovations (OTIV)is trading at $4.21 up $0.89 or 26.5% today, on volume of over 23.6 million shares traded so far.  The 52 week high of OTIV is $5.00, which it hit earlier this morning, while the low for the year is just $1.48 cents.

On-Track-Innovations-logo OTIVThere’s not much to say on this unprofitable company.  It’s just in the right industry at the right time.  No doubt, the share price will drop off a cliff in the very near future, after the buzz about Apple’s Pay service dies down.  This will be a nice short in short order.

Net Element Intl (NETE) is a company no one heard of before today, and won’t hear of next week.  Surprise, NETE is a technology-driven group specializing in mobile payments and value-added transactional services.   Net Element Intl (NETE) shares normally trade a whopping 29,000 shares per day, on average. That’s right 29,000.  Today, thanks to the Apple Pay announcement yesterday, every mobile payment related company is on every investors wishlist.  Net Element Intl (NETE) has traded 9.4 Million shares today so FAR.

Net Element Intl (NETE)is currently trading at $4.10, up an insane $2.41 or almost 140% so far today.  The 52 week high on NETE is $5.90, while the low is $0.88.

We don’t understand why investors jump on every mobile payment related company like this, it’s not like they all have a business relationship with Apple Pay, or ever will.  You can feel confident in shorting these stocks at any point.  It’s the brain dead investor herd mentality at it’s finest (worst?).

NPS Pharmaceuticals (NPSP)is NOT a mobile payment company.  Thank god.  But it is on fire just like every mobile payment company!

NPS Pharmaceuticals (NPSP) is now trading at $31.16, up a staggering $5.38 as of just after noon today.   NPSP has traded 6.9 million shares today already, versus it’s average daily volume of 1.85 million shares.

NPSP gapped up at the open thanks to the FDA review that said their Natpara product reduced the need for calcium and Vitamin D supplementation in their clinical trial.