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Walmart Raises Dividend a Whopping 21%

Citing increased sales, profits, and cash flow from last fiscal year, Walmart (symbol: WMT) announced an impressive dividend raise of 21% today.  Walmart is raising it’s annual dividend from the current $1.21 to an annual $1.46 payout.  That translates to an annual dividend yield of 2.73% based on todays closing price of $52.01.  After the


Sorry to borrow steal from the Blackberry phone commercial, but it has to be said.   McLobster chatter is back at McDonalds (when did it arrive, and WHY??) and promising you 100% Atlantic lobster.  One can only assume that when they say 100% Atlantic lobster, what they mean is that the do put a LITTLE

Serena Williams Emergency Treatment: Hematoma

In breaking celebrity sports news, tennis star Serena Williams received emergency “treatement” yesterday for a blood clot in her lungs. It was first reported by People magazine, who were notified by Nicole Chabot, Serena’s spokesperson. The treatment was for a hematoma resulting form a pulmonary embolism Serena Williams suffered last week. [ad#Google Adsense] It’s always

Playboy Mansion Has Harmful Bacteria..Really

In the non shocking celebrity entertainment news department today, officials announced they had found harmful bacteria at the Playboy mansion.  What is shocking though, is that officials didn’t find bacteria or virus’s of the STD variety.  However sources said they weren’t searching for that type of virus, as that was a given.  But seriously, they