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2013 Mazda CX-5 To Be Unveiled at Los Angeles Auto Show

Today, Mazda North America announced plans to unveil the 2013 CX5 at the Los Angeles Auto Show which runs from November 18  through November 27, 2011.  The CX5 is Mazda’s first SkyActive Technology vehicle which boasts greatly improved fuel efficiency

General Motors Announces Chevy Spark EV Electric Car

In 2013, General Motors will begin selling a new smaller totally electric car called the “Chevy Spark EV.” It will be sold in other countries and in a limited market in the United States. This car is smaller than your

Infinity M35H: Infinity Finally Announces A Hybrid Vehicle

Luxury car maker Infinity has finally joined the rest of the worlds auto manufacturers in coming out with a brand new gas electric hybrid, the 2012 Infinity M35H.  It remains to be seen whether consumers are ready to shell out

[VIDEO]Mazda CX5 Creates Buzz at Frankfurt Motor Show

The newest member of the Mazda family, the crossover SUV 2012 Mazda CX5 is really starting to gain some market recognition, after it’s first official unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier in September. The new Mazda CX5 is the

2012 Volkswagen 2.0T Beetle A Sweet Ride

The Volkswagen Beetle is back, and it’s better than ever, with a complete redesign for 2012.  The buzz is growing, at least for Beetle fans.  And the best part about the newly redesigned Beetle 2.0?  Pricing starts below $19,000 base.

New 2015 Land Rover Defender May Be Unveiled in Frankfurt Auto Show

Land Rover, maker of luxury SUV’s is planning on bringing a more modern looking version of its Land Rover Defender 4×4.  Why they are announcing this in 2011 is beyond us, but they do plan to unveil the concept for

Halo Lights Gain In Popularity For Car, Truck, and Motorcyle Enthusiasts

One of the more popular ways car enthusiasts add a distinct touch to their purchases is with adding halo lights to the front or rear of their vehicles.  Halo lights can certainly turn heads if they are mounted on a

United States Concerned Over Possible al Qaeda Ricin Poison Threat

The presidential administration is getting concerned that a regional and dangerous arm of al Qaeda is trying to produce a deadly poison called Ricin. They are afraid it may be used in attacks on the United States. Although they cannot

Chevy Equinox Still Driving GM’s Sales

General Motors reported it’s July 2011 sales numbers this week, showing a nice modest sales increase of 7.6% over last July’s sales.  If you’re a headline reader like most, you would have no idea that certain GM brands sold far

The Most Fuel Efficient Cars of 2011

Earlier last month we talked about the most fuel efficient cars under $30,000 from NadaGuide. With gas in most states still hovering just under four dollars a gallon and the uncertainty of whether it is going to stay in that