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President Obama’s Postal Service Rescue Plan

President Obama and his administration has a plan that would rescue the United States Postal Service which includes cutting Saturday mail delivery and sell non-postal products. This plan was introduced along with a deficit reduction package which would refund six point nine billion dollars the mail carriers claims they overpaid into a federal retirement fund

Is Dendreon (DNDN) A Buy Here? An Insider Thinks So

Dendreon Corporation (DNDN), a Washington state based biotechnology company saw it’s shares plummet off a cliff a few weeks ago, after pulling the plug on it’s sales forecast for it’s flagship cancer therapy Provenge.  This was done after poor initial sales due to the high cost (in the $100k ballpark) of the therapy, and the

GE Joins Crusade Against Cancer with $1 Billion Cancer Research Investment

United States electronics giant General Electric has joined the global fight against obesity in a big way by investing $1 billion in cancer research over the next five years. According to reports, GE chief executive Jeff Immelt and several venture capital partners started the undertaking in order to improved the diagnostic techniques for breast cancer.

World Markets Shaken with Dismal Jobs Data

Fears of another recession have intensified with the news of the dismal job market in the United States. The job market may be worse that what the unemployment numbers suggest. On Friday, there were shock waves from the Labor Department report that in August employers have stopped hiring. This news has caused Asian stock markets