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#YouAndIFragrance1D – Surprise, (Yet Another) One Direction Fragrance


So just what is #YouAndIFragrance1D, the twitter hashtag that is super trending around the world?  Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  For that matter, how many rocket scientists out there, actually like One Direction. I’m going out

Official FIFA World Cup Song (and Video) by Pitbull (Who Else)


Who better to sing the official FIFA World Cup Song, “We Are One” but Mr. Worldwide?   Pitbull seems to be everywhere these days, and now he’s singing the official song for the worlds greatest sporting event, FIFA World Cup.

What’s Up With #heatJustinBieber ?

There is something strange going on in the twittersphere, with the hashtag  #heatJustinBieber going crazy around the world.  Of course things always get strange when Justin Bieber is involved.  He’s like a young Michael Jackson train wreck, only less talented

A Boy For Alessandra Ambrosio

It seems that gorgeous supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is having a boy this time around.  The pregnant Victoria Secret model announced she was having a boy on her Facebook, using an interesting photo to do so, according to US Magazine’s article:

Bobby Brown Arrested For DUI Monday

Yesterday, in new filed under “Not So Shocking” and “No Surprise”, the ex husband of Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown arrested for DUI, is at the top of the news wires today.  This apparently is not Bobby Brown’s first DUI arrest,

Taylor Swift Is Billboard’s Top Earning Singer For 2011

American singing superstar Taylor Swift is one lucky girl in 2011. This developed after Taylor was recently declared by Billboard as the top earning singer among the brightest singers in the world last year. According to reports, the singing superstar

Lady Gaga Queen Of Social Media With 20 Million Twitter Followers

There is no doubt, American singing superstar Lady Gaga is indeed the queen of social media among the brightest celebrities around the world. According to reports, Lady Gaga now has a whopping 20 million followers on Twitter to top the

Davy Jones, Lead Singer of the Monkees, has Died

Davy Jones, age sixty-six, has died from an apparent heart attack on Wednesday February 29th.  He had just paid a visit to his ranch and died in his car in his hometown of Indiantown, Florida.  He is survived by his

Angelina Jolie Backs Move For UN Intervention In Syria

Hollywood superstar actress Angelina Jolie has joined thousand of voices for the armed intervention to stop the ongoing crackdown in Syria which killed many civilians in the area. In a recent media interview, Jolie said the United Nations should now

Whitney Houston To Be Buried on Saturday At Newark

She brought accolades to her hometown of Newark, New Jersey for years, now that she is dead Whitney Houston is fittingly be buried to her hometown. Houston is set to be buried on Saturday on a funeral to be attended