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iPhone Telescopic Lense and Tripod Groupon!

Get the Groupon Deal here Granted, this author is addicted to Groupon deals and Groupon Goods.  And while I’m admitting it, also addicted to Groupon travel deals.   Who doesn’t like a good deal right? This time around, Groupon Goods has got their best item yet:  The iPhone Telescopic Lense AND a Tripod for your

Frugality Is Not A Built-In Ability

You get so frustrated with the things you do all day all, spend all your day and sometimes even night working to make money, you kill yourself to earn your livelihood, but still you have problem making both ends meet. What is going on? What is the cause of this problem? You see there are

JetBlue Sample Sale Starts November 1, 2011

Our favorite low cost airline, JetBlue, is playing the sale game again today.  Why do we like JetBlue?  How about first bag free, realtime DirectTV satellite tv at each and every seat, with tv shows, movies, and music all at your fingertips.  And the number one reason:  JetBlue sales.  And the latest greatest JetBlue sale

Groupon Offers Rewards To Loyal Customers

Here is some great news to all loyal customers of Groupon. The company announced Wednesday they will be offering a customer loyalty program among their loyal customers around the world. Groupon said the customer loyalty program is very beneficial to bargain hunters since it will allow them more chances of saving money. Groupon explained those