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#5HBOSSPreorderAtMidnight – You Know What That Means

photo: lavalounge

The hashtag #5HBOSSPreorderAtMidnight is lighting up twitter today.  And what exactly does 5HBOSSPreorderAtMidnight mean?  Well, that’s why were here for you.  To do all the hard research work.  #5HBOSSPreorderAtMidnight is all about the Fifth Harmony new single preorder that begins tonight. Of

#StopThe1DIssue Goes Viral on Twitter, You Won’t Believe Why

one direction marijuana issue

Oh the horror.  One Direction fans are up in arms on Twitter, as the #StopThe1DIssue is trending around the world.  Why are they so upset?  It seems a video was leaked (stolen) showing two 1D band members smoking cannabis while

Shakira’s “La La La” 2014 World Cup Song Crushes Pitbulls “We are One”


It didn’t take long for Shakira to answer Pitbull’s popular FIFA World Cup 2014 song.  She released it on Youtube May 22, and it’s already seen well over 16 million views. Meanwhile, one week since launch on YouTube, Pitbull’s We

#ProblemWentPlatinum: Guess What Happened to Ariana Grande?


Twitter lit up like Justin Bieber was arrested for some idiotic publicity stunt this afternoon. Only this time it wasn’t Bieber. Ariana Grande posted that her song Problem just went platinum, with the hashtag #ProblemWentPlatinum. It was posted on this

One Direction Dubai Concert Ticket Sales Crush Justin Bieber’s Sales

one direction

It seems that One Direction concert tickets are much hotter than those of Justin Bieber.  At least in Dubai.  We suspect in America, Bieber concert tickets would the in higher demand as the American fans would flock to see what

Everyone is Buzzing About (and Buying Tickets for) #Coachella2015

Twitter is blowing up on #Coachella2015 hashtag, thanks to the opening of advanced ticket sales for Coachella 2015 music festival. The insanely popular two weekend music festival will be held April 10, 11, 12, 2015, and April 17, 18, 19,

What’s the Deal With #WeBeliveInYouKris on Twitter?

In case you’re not up on Twitter trends, The #WeBeliveInYouKris hashtag is trending big around the world.  The headline is that Chris from EXO has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment (SME) to sever his contract with SME.  The lawsuit

Did Downton Abbey’s Season 3 Finale Crash?

The final episode of Downton Abbey’s season 3 appears to have been a dub, based on the buzz heard around the world. The spectacular third season of Downton Abbey ended with spectacular heartbreak. It really couldn’t have happened any other

Mindy McCready, Country Star Suicide

It appears Mindy McCready, an up and coming country star, has died from an apparent suicide. Mcready, 37 years old, died from a single gun shot to the head. The country star was reportedly devastated after the death of her

Bobby Brown Arrested For DUI Monday

Yesterday, in new filed under “Not So Shocking” and “No Surprise”, the ex husband of Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown arrested for DUI, is at the top of the news wires today.  This apparently is not Bobby Brown’s first DUI arrest,