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Now Available—Pixy Stix Vitamins

Do you remember the Pixy Stix of yesteryear? The little paper straws where you tore off the end and dumped the sugary contents on the middle of your tongue? Well, they are now back and instead of sugary nothings they are filled with a multivitamin powder called “AlternaVites Melts” that will melt on your tongue

Foods in Poland Suspected of Having Road Salt

In Warsaw, Poland the health authorities have given the order to withdraw more than five hundred thousand pounds of bread, pickles, and other food that are suspected of containing industrial salt.  Authorities have been prompted to open a criminal investigation when these revelations came to light.  So far there have been five people arrested.  They

Foods That can Help Fight the Flu

The flu season has gotten off to a slow start in the United States this year so if you have been one of the lucky ones who has not gotten the flu, here are some foods that might help you fight the flu.        Sweet potatoes—yes, sweet potatoes.  This is a vegetable that is full of nutrition and

Hottest Pepper Title Goes to Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

This hot pepper is considered a tear-generating, sweat inducing pepper, mouth on fire, and has been given the title of the newest hottest pepper on the planet after months of doing research.  Pepper experts did the research at the New Mexico State University’s Chile Pepper Institute.  It is a pepper that is golf ball size and has

Giant African Snails Invading Miami

The invasion of these giant African snails is sending the southern part of Florida into a panic because of the potential damage and disease that could happen to the crops there.  No one is even sure how these giant snails got here to the United States. These giant snails can measure up to 8 inches

No More Pink Slime McDonald’s Goodness

McDonald’s execs have come to the conclusion that Pink Slime is not something that should be offered in the hamburger meat.  Yes, it’s true.  The same exec’s who fired an employee for protecting himself and one of their store properties from violent crack heads, have decided that they should stop using ammonium hydroxide in their

Thai Elephant Meat—the New Taste

In Thailand, a new threat to the threat of the survival of the elephants living there has emerged.  The new threat is the taste for eating elephant meat which includes everything from their sexual organs to their trunks. The Wildlife officials were made aware of this new threat when they found two elephants in a