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Obama, Democrats Ready For Presidential Election With $68 Million Campaign Kitty

President Barrack Obama and the whole Democratic party are now ready for his reelection bid after their party was able to raise $68 million for their presidential campaign in the final quarter of 2011. According to reports, from the said

Obama Decides to Appoint New Consumer Protection Head Without Senate Approval

President Barrack Obama has started 2012 with a bang. Obama has decided to appoint the new head of the consumer protection agency without the approval of the United States senate. The Democratic President made the decision to ensure Richard Cordray

Romney: If Obama Gets Reelected Iran Will Have A Nuclear Weapon

The battle for the Republication presidential nomination is getting hotter and more intense. To prop up his chances, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney took a series of attacks against United States president Barrack Obama who seeks reelection in the 2012

As Republican Mudslinging Continue, Obama’s Rating Increases

The Democratic party has reasons to smile these days. This after the approval rating of President Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election in the United States has improved. In the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll on Friday, 49 percent of the respondents

Was Rick Perry Drunk During His Cornerstone Speech?

The GOP race is a continuous source of sad commentary on the state of politics and politicians in general, and of course, a great source of hilarious unintentional?  comedy too.  And Rick Perry takes the cake on unintentional comedy.  You

Clinton Supports UN Plan To Probe Gadhafi’s Death

A ranking official of the administration of United States president Barrack Obama has expressed full support to calls for an investigation on the death of Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she fully supports the

Cain Gaining Ground Vs. Romney In Latest CNN 2012 Poll

The race for the presidential nomination in the Republican party for the 2012 United States presidential election is getting tighter. In the latest poll conducted by media giant CNN Republican front runner Mitt Romney is virtually tied with fast rising

President Obama Campaign Nets $70 Million

His popularity might have declined the past few months, but incumbent United States President, Barrack Obama, remains a solid candidate in the next US presidential election in 2012. This developed after the campaign team of Obama were already able to

Sarah Palin Told Korean Traders US Needs A Female President

She may be out of the running for United States elections in 2012, but former Alaska governor Sarah Palin remains in the limelight these past few days. In a recent business forum in Seoul, South Korea, Palin told businessmen that

No Sarah Palin In 2012 US Presidential Election

The would be contenders for president in the 2012 elections has been narrowed down to just a few remaining candidates. This developed after former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has decided not to join the race after a careful thought and