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Cat Versus Human in iPad Video Game

Friskies has just unveiled a new video game at the South-by-Southwest conference that you and your cat can play on the iPad called “You vs Cat.” This game is like air hockey in which the pet owner flicks a piece

iPad Apps for Your Cats

Yes, there are many different iPad apps to entertain your cat.  The iPad has scratch proof glass that will not get scratched with your cat’s sharp claws as they chase a mouse across the screen, play the piano, or even

Interpol Bust 23 Alleged Anonymous Hackers

The International Police made a huge headway on its quest to arrest the members of the deadly Anonymous hacker movement which hacked several well-established websites around the world. The Interpol revealed they recently arrested 25 members of the group in

New Free Caffeine Zone iPhone App for Coffee Drinkers

At Penn State two doctors have created a new app for iPhone users that drink a lot of coffee, and it is free to download.   This new app will optimize your caffeine intake during the day so you do not stay awake at

Canadian Stores Sold Fake iPad 2’s Made of Clay

No, the electronic stores in Vancouver, British Columbia did not intentionally sell their customers fake iPads2. In fact, the stores are just as much a victim as their customers. At this time there have been reports of ten fake iPads2

Pedestrians Killed or Injured Wearing Headphones Triples

In the past six years, the numbers of pedestrians in the United States that have been badly injured or killed while wearing headphones have tripled. In 2004, the number was only sixteen but by 2011, it has gone up to

Lawsuit Filed Against Facebook, Google and Yahoo In India

Three of the top social networking websites in the world are facing lawsuits in India. The Indian prosecutors sued Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other networking sites for their failure to remove some material that are reportedly insulting Indian leaders and

Number of Web Users Rises in China

The numbers of people in China who use the internet has reached five hundred thirteen million users as many go online using tablet computers and their mobile phones. In China, the communist government tries to block internet access for the

Russian Space Probe Crashed into Pacific Ocean

The Russian space probe, that was designed to make its way to the moon Phobos of Mars, has crashed in the Pacific Ocean, showering fragments west of Chile’s coastline. Pieces of the space probe, Phobos-Ground, had gotten stuck in the