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Employers Want YOUR Facebook Login

The golden age of Social Networks is starting to become a golden pain in the ass. The internet and tv news are abuzz today over revelations that some employers are asking job candidates for their Facebook login credentials, DURING the job interview. Some companies, such as Sears, are utilizing a Facebook app that allows them

iPad Apps for Your Cats

Yes, there are many different iPad apps to entertain your cat.  The iPad has scratch proof glass that will not get scratched with your cat’s sharp claws as they chase a mouse across the screen, play the piano, or even draw their owner a picture.  Most of the apps can be found in the iTunes

Interpol Bust 23 Alleged Anonymous Hackers

The International Police made a huge headway on its quest to arrest the members of the deadly Anonymous hacker movement which hacked several well-established websites around the world. The Interpol revealed they recently arrested 25 members of the group in an intensified crackdown across Europe and South America. In a statement, the Interpol said they

Number of Web Users Rises in China

The numbers of people in China who use the internet has reached five hundred thirteen million users as many go online using tablet computers and their mobile phones. In China, the communist government tries to block internet access for the people to any material that they feel are subversive or pornographic. The government does encourage