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Facebook Helps In Recovery Of Missing Girl

Who says Facebook is merely for fun and socialization? A family in the Philippines are now in a jovial mood, after a 21-year-old girl who went missing last January 7 has finally been found with the help of Facebook. According

Inventors That Have Been Killed by Their Own Inventions

Not all inventor’s have been killed by things that they have invented but there have been some famous inventors, and some not so famous inventors, who have invented something, tried it themselves, and been killed as a result of it.

Steady Handed Robot for Brain Surgery Designed by Researchers

One day in the near future neurosurgeons may get some help in the operating room from a robot that will have movements that will be at least ten times steadier you’re your human hand. This robot will be used to

[VIDEO] Swiss Rocket Man Yves Rossy YouTube Sensation

This video of Yves Rossy aka Swiss Rocket Man is truly incredible, and more than a little insane.  YouTube is getting hit hard on bandwidth on this video of  Swiss Rocket Man, Yves Rossy has already been viewed a mere

Facebook Being Used by Inmates to Harass Victims

Although they are locked up and not suppose to be allowed to have access to cell phones with internet or the internet at all, inmates across the United States are using social networks to harass their victims. There are a

Call of Duty 3 Rental Now Available on Redbox

We wrote a couple weeks ago about the massively successful launch of Call of Duty 3: Modern Warfare.  The latest Call of Duty game broke the single day sale record by a huge margin.  But if you’re one of the

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Video Game Breaks Sales Record

Not exactly surprising given the popularity of Call of Duty One and Two, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 set first day sales records this week, bringing in $400 million in just the first full 24 hours in stores.

China Denies Cyber Spying Yarn Vs. US

China has dismissed claims by the United States that they are engaged in a cyber espionage operation to take lucrative U.S. trade and technology secrets. The Chinese government said such an allegation is not true and very “irresponsible”. Chinese Foreign

6 High Demand Gadgets for Christmas

Halloween is not yet over but already the television ads, newspaper ads, and online ads are pushing Christmas and all the great new gifts that everyone on your shopping list wants. Here are some of the top gadgets that will