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They Were Strangers At First, But Wait Until You See What They Did To Each Other Next

This film maker brought 20 complete strangers together.  Then she made them make out. It was rather awkward at first. You’ll be surprised how it turned out. ) About: Tatia PIlieva brought strangers together and filmed their first kiss.  It was

[VIDEO] Swiss Rocket Man Yves Rossy YouTube Sensation

This video of Yves Rossy aka Swiss Rocket Man is truly incredible, and more than a little insane.  YouTube is getting hit hard on bandwidth on this video of  Swiss Rocket Man, Yves Rossy has already been viewed a mere

[Video] Amazing Road Trip Around America in 5 Minutes

YouTube user DeFreesProductions has published an amazing timelapse photo video of a road trip around America (Check it out below).  It’s an amazing snapshot of this beautiful country set to some uplifting music from the Waking Lights as well. This

[VIDEO] Miami Police Officer Arrested After Cruiser Chase By Florida Highway Patrol

In a great riveting and tense video released on youbube, a Florida Highway Patrol officer chases a Miami Police Cruiser down a busy south Florida highway. Eventually the Miami Police car driver pulls over.  Is it a thief?  Nope…It’s just

[Video] Amazingly Scary Girl in Hallway Halloween Prank

Amazing, scary Halloween prank.

[VIDEO] McDonald’s Employee Fights Off Attackers, Gets Fired

In an absurd turn of events, a McDonalds employee was fired, after defending himself against multiple attackers. That’s right, he defends his personal safety and those of his co-workers, and for his efforts, the cowardly McDonalds management has fired his

Parkour: The New Deadly Trend. What is Parkour? [VIDEO]

Well it seems Parkour is taking the world by storm, yet we here at California Examiner hadn’t really heard about it until we saw this insane video.  The video is a compilation of the worst Parkour fail videos.  While some

Religion is Like A Penis [Funny Viral Photo]

Taking a break from news today, here’s a funny viral photo making the rounds on the internet today. This photo already has already been shared over 52,000 times on Facebook, and no doubt will hit a million shares in no

[Video]Using a Soda Bottle As A Solar Light Source

This youtube video about a man who is helping the poor light their shanty houses with nothing but a 2 liter Pepsi (or Coke, just to be fair and unbiased) some water and some bleach is going viral today.  And

[video] Justin Timberlake, Make Music Again PSA: Will JT Listen To Plea?

We are in desperate times ladies and gentlemen, very desperate times.  Do you KNOW how long we’ve suffered without any new Justin Timberlake music?  Can you even comprehend the toll this has taken on society thus far?  Neither can we.