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Eight Year Old in Indonesia to Kick Smoking Habit

A young boy, who is just eight years old, smokes a more than twenty-five cigarettes each day. To kick his habit, he will undergo thirty days of therapy. This habit that he is kicking is a four year old habit.

Strong Earthquake Shakes Northern Japan

On Wednesday evening northern Japan was shook by a strong earthquake that only caused little tidal changes on the Pacific coastline. There were no other injuries or damage reported. Many towns near the coast issued evacuation advisories or orders for

Special Forces Soldier Sentenced to Prison

Pedro Pimentel, age fifty-five has been sentenced to six thousand sixty years in prison for his part in the Las Dos Erres massacre that claimed two hundred one lives in 1982. The number of years is only symbolic because the

Foods in Poland Suspected of Having Road Salt

In Warsaw, Poland the health authorities have given the order to withdraw more than five hundred thousand pounds of bread, pickles, and other food that are suspected of containing industrial salt.  Authorities have been prompted to open a criminal investigation

New Theory On Why the Titanic Sank

In April, it will be one hundred years since the Titanic sank and the cause of this horrific disaster has always been that the ocean liner hit an iceberg but that may be only part of what caused it to

McCain Says U.S.-Led Air-Strikes Is Needed In Syria

Republican senator John McCain has called on the United States government to conduct an immediate air-strikes in Syria to protect the civilians that are being slaughtered by Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. McCain said the US need to assert its military

Interpol Bust 23 Alleged Anonymous Hackers

The International Police made a huge headway on its quest to arrest the members of the deadly Anonymous hacker movement which hacked several well-established websites around the world. The Interpol revealed they recently arrested 25 members of the group in

Japan Tsunami Debris Spreading Across the Pacific Ocean

Debris from the 2011 Japan tsunami has spread across the northern Pacific Ocean for some three thousand miles.  The debris includes boats, lumber and other debris that was ripped from the costal towns during the tsunamis last year.  All of

Nighclub Blast Injures 17 In Romania

Seventeen people were reported injured when two blasts hit a nightclub in Romania. According to reports, the initial blast happened in the early hours of Sunday in the northern Romanian town of Sighetu Marmatiei. The first blast wounded seven people.

Angelina Jolie Backs Move For UN Intervention In Syria

Hollywood superstar actress Angelina Jolie has joined thousand of voices for the armed intervention to stop the ongoing crackdown in Syria which killed many civilians in the area. In a recent media interview, Jolie said the United Nations should now