Lost City Of Atlantis Found…For Real Finally?

I have trouble finding my house key all the time, but researchers apparently have “possibly” found the the lost city of Atlantis, maybe.   A team of lost city finding experts, led by the University of Hartford professor Richard Freund, say they believe they have found the fabled lost city of Atlantis.  I found Atlantis

Microsoft Kinect Devices and Kinect Games Sales Top 10 Million Units Each

In Microsoft Corps quest to take over the gaming world, things are looking exceptionally good.  Yesterday, Microsoft Corp announced incredible new sales milestones for it’s Microsoft Kinnect motion controller for Xbox 360, as well as for Kinnect games.  Microsoft says they hit the ten million unit mark on the ultra popular Microsoft Kinnect controller that

Walk to Cure Psoriasis Santa Monica, CA April 30, 2011

May I tell you why I have an increased predisposition for Psoriatic Arthritis, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Hypertension and Obesity?  I have Psoriasis. “Pso What?!” – You ask? My skin, the largest organ of my body is malfunctioning.  I have a chronic autoimmune disease that unfortunately also plagues 7.5 million Americans. I used to be a competitive