The San Francisco Shooting at a Walgreens Left One Person Dead and Another Under Arrest

San Francisco police say a 24-year-old woman was shot and murdered on Thursday in the 800 block of Market Street. A woman had been shot when officers from the San Francisco Police Department arrived at the scene at 6:33 p.m. on Thursday.

According to the SFPD, the woman was transferred to a local hospital but ultimately died from her injuries. The incident, according to many news sources, occurred outside a Walgreens on Market Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues, not far from Union Square.

The shooter was a 33-year-old private security guard, according to the police. He was taken into custody and booked on one count of murder. Authorities reportedly reported a theft that took place during the event, however, their link to the gunshot remains unclear.

1 Arrested Following Walgreens Shooting in San Francisco
1 Arrested Following Walgreens Shooting in San Francisco

KGO spoke to a woman at the site who claimed to know the victim and stated she was a friend. She claimed that she and the other woman were in the checkout line when they heard gunshots and saw their buddy collapse.

“As soon as we were walking out, all we hear is boom, boom, and she dropped to the floor, and I was looking at her, and that was that,” the woman told KGO. “… He didn’t say anything — all he did was pick up that gun and shoot twice and walk to the back.” 

The police have made one arrest, but they insist they are still looking into the case. Anyone with information is urged to contact the department at any time via the 24-hour tip line, 1-1-415-575-4444, or via text message at TIP411. Messages have to start with “SFPD.” The police have assured anyone with information that they will respect their wish to stay anonymous.

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