1 De@d, 4 Injured After Police Pursuit Ends in Horrific San Francisco Mission District Cr@sh

Officials report that a stolen city vehicle struck a bus stop in San Francisco early on Tuesday, resulting in one fatality and four injuries. Around 10 a.m., a carjacking of a city vehicle was reported in the vicinity of Folsom and Mabini streets.

After finding the vehicle around Kansas and 25th streets, police started pursuing it, according to Police Officer Niccole Pacchetti. The city car then collided at 16th Street and Potrero Avenue, injuring the suspect and four other individuals, according to Pacchetti.

Two of the five victims were on the bus waiting list. Officials did not specify if the deceased was in another car or at the bus stop. After the collision, the suspect, who has been identified as a guy, was apprehended and sent to the hospital.

The following tweet provides confirmation of the news:

The store’s front glass was broken in the collision that occurred next to a Safeway. The cause of the collision is being looked into by San Francisco police.

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The following is a list of connections that have been established in relation to the death:

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