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1 De@d After 3 Dayton Males Shot; Police Probing Connected Incidents

1 Dead After 3 Dayton Males Shot

1 Dead After 3 Dayton Males Shot

At least three guys were shot early Sunday in Dayton, and at least one of them died.

Montgomery County Regional Dispatch says that at about 3:30 a.m., a guy who had been shot went to Miami Valley Hospital and signed himself in.

They sent cops to the area near where Rubicon Street and East Stewart Street meet, where they thought the shooting happened. But there were no other deaths or other problems in the area.

About an hour and a half later, just before 5 a.m., Dayton Police and Fire went to the 800 block of Steele Avenue after a woman called 911 to say that her daughter saw a guy lying in the street saying he had been shot. This information comes from a 911 call that News Center 7 got.

The tweet below verifies the news:

When police arrived, they found a guy on the ground who had been shot at least once, according to the dispatchers.

The office of the Montgomery County Coroner stated that they were called to this scene.

Minutes later, dispatchers heard that a third man had been shot and taken to Miami Valley Hospital.

Notes from dispatchers said that the man had been shot in the right hand and the groin. He said the shooting happened in the 800 block of Steele Avenue.

Over the course of the night, at least three guys were shot. According to dispatch records, the first investigation showed that these three victims were linked, but it wasn’t clear how.

At about 5 a.m., Dayton Police and Fire were called to a crash on the 100 block of Pierce Street, which dispatchers think was related to the shootings.

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Officers found a car that had crashed into a telephone pole, but none of the people inside were there. They had probably left the scene before workers arrived.

At this point, the cops have not found any suspects.

All of the events are being looked into by Dayton Police. News Center 7 tried to find out more.

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