10-month-old Daughter, Her Dad, And Her Two Siblings Die In Bronx Fire

On Sunday morning, a family in the Bronx was enjoying a sleepover when the home they were staying in caught fire killing the 10-month-old baby girl, her father, and the 10- and 12-year-old siblings of the father.

A two-story brick home caught fire on Castle Hill Avenue at before 6 a.m., awakening nearby residents with dense smoke and the wails of the victims’ distressed family members as they urgently shouted out for aid.

10-month-old Daughter, Her Dad, And His Two Siblings Die In Bronx Fire
10-month-old Daughter, Her Dad, And His Two Siblings Die In Bronx Fire

Ahmed Saleh, 22, his younger brother Kalheed Waleed Ban Saleh, 10, and their older brother Mohamed Waleed Ahmed, 12, have been named as the fatalities. The fire also claimed the life of Ahmed Saleh’s 10-month-old daughter, Barah Saleh.

Maternal uncle Isaac Daylam recalled, “She could hear her kids crying and shouting her name.” The fire also damaged the mother, who is 21 and expecting her first child.

Last night, my sister was attempting to assist her kids escape from the sleepover we were having,” he added. The windows had already shattered by the time she returned inside after getting some people out, and the home was completely engulfed in flames.

The two boys were pronounced dead at the spot, while Ahmed Saleh and Barah both later died at Jacobi Medical Center.

Another uncle of the child, Nagib Aldaylam, mourned, “The family nearly ended in a few minutes.” “As you can see, we are all very saddened. “It’s not a simple task.”

Daylam said that Barah’s mother sustained fatal injuries when she jumped out of a window while holding her infant son.

The distraught uncle said, “She was injured in the back and was taken to the hospital.” Together, as a family, we’re going to assist her out.

According to authorities, a 41-year-old guy was also seriously hurt. The FDNY said that three firemen were harmed while tackling the flames.

After banging on her neighbor’s window from the second-floor balcony, the family matriarch and her lone surviving son were rescued by him. A narrow space between the two houses.

Imlaque Chowdhury, their 30-year-old neighbor, explained how he rescued them.

My wife was the one who roused me. As soon as I heard a disturbance, I fled to the opposite side of the house. He said, “I heard the tapping and peered out the window, but there was nothing to see but pitch blackness.

I overheard the woman screaming. When I saw her, I ran to the window, pulled it open, and dragged the child inside.

The fire was visible through all of the windows, he said. Every single one of those windows was insanely dramatic. I can almost touch the warmth of my home and smell the smoke of the burning wood.

In little time at all, the fire spread to his own home.

Everything in the flat has been completely destroyed by fire. Every last item has gone. To paraphrase, “I’m simply trying to find out what to do” at his own house. Just thinking about the next-door neighbors makes me melancholy.

In a home fire in the Bronx, four people were killed, including a 10-month-old daughter and two boys. Special to the New York Daily News

Social media footage shows a fireman carrying a little child away from the scene of the fire and into an ambulance. It also shows other firemen removing a body from the home and emergency medical service personnel doing CPR.

Several minutes of a lady screaming and flames bursting through the windows were captured on film by a neighbor’s doorbell camera.

It was simply kids shouting, recalled neighbor Julio Almodovar, 44. I heard sobs.

The family patriarch, Mayor Adams added, lost three sons and a granddaughter.

Adams added, “He lost his children and it’s incredibly heartbreaking.” He also said that the family was a member of a close-knit Yemeni community in the area. This family has the support of the whole neighborhood and community, and now the city as a whole.

A fire that claimed the lives of four persons in the Bronx prompted Mayor Eric Adams to go there.
Eric Adams, mayor of the Bronx, went to the site of a fatal fire that claimed four lives. “(Nicholas Williams)
Chowdhury stated that over the last five years or so, at least eight members of the family had occupied the home.

They’re our next-door neighbors. The kids always used to hang out in the front yard, playing with all the other kids in the neighborhood. He gushed about how wonderful and well natured the youngsters were. I’ll really miss passing by the school and greeting the youngsters.


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