Miracle, A 10-Year-Old Missouri Girl, Assists In The Delivery Of A Baby When Her Mother Goes Into Labor At Home

A true miracle! On October 23, at home, a 10-year-old Missouri girl called Miracle Moore came to her mother’s aid when she went into labor three weeks early.

North County Fire & Rescue in Jennings applauded their “local hero” for calling 9-1-1 on their Facebook page and called the account of her bravery “fantastic, great, feel-good.”

Miracle was able to assist and teach her mother Viola Fair, 30, to deliver her new baby sister, Jayla, safely thanks to the assistance of “calm, cool, and collected” dispatcher Scott Stranghoener, according to the post. Taylor is Miracle’s younger sister.

Miracle complied with every directive given to her over the phone, and when her mom refused to participate, she used her own “mom voice,” according to the NCFR.

Additional information on the delivery, including the audio of the 9-1-1 call, was made public by Missouri’s KSDK News and the Today show.

The fourth-grader followed cautious instructions to phone her mother and said, in an 11-minute taped call, “Hello, I think my mom is in labor.” They told you to lay on your back in the middle of the bed or on the floor, Mama, she said, adding, “Don’t sit on the toilet.”

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Miracle responded with a confused “Huh?” when Stranghoener informed her that she would assist her mother in giving birth. She then obeyed more cautious instructions. “She comforted her mother, saying, “It’s OK, Mama, it’s OK, then she’s out! She is gone!”

The successful “miracle” delivery of baby Jayla was described by NCFR as “Miracle was there with a towel to wipe off her face, to help stimulate her to cry and keep her warm until paramedics arrived,” adding that paramedics helped take over and brought mom and baby straight to the hospital “safe and sound.”

Together with the NCFR and their own hospital staff members who helped with care after delivery, Christian Hospital Emergency Medical Services and other organizations were recognized on their own Facebook page for being the community’s hero.

The NCFR reported that they presented Miracle with a “special certificate” and other gifts, including a pink stork pin (which EMS workers receive when they assist with a birth in the field), a tablet with educational games, and a journal to record her incredible journey.

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