12 Injured In Baton Rouge Nightclub Shooting

According to L’Jean McKneely, a spokesperson for the Baton Rouge Police Department, police are looking for at least one suspect connected to a nightclub shooting that left 12 people injured.

According to the police, the shooting was “targeted attack.”

Lt. Bryan Ballard, the chief of the BRPD’s Homicide Division, said during a press conference on Sunday that “this was not simply a random act of someone showing up and just killing folks of Baton Rouge.”

According to a law enforcement source, a confrontation between two groups of patrons at Dior Bar & Lounge broke out around 1:30 a.m. local time, and several people pulled out guns and started shooting.

Three of the 12 persons who were shot suffered life-threatening injuries, according to Lt. Ballard.

Chief Murphy J. Paul, Jr. applauded the quick action of three officers who were outside the club at the time of the shooting, saying their action shielded other clubgoers from greater harm.

According to an online Eventbrite listing, the club was having a “return to school party” for students from Louisiana State University, Southern University, and A&M College at the time of the shooting.

Police have not yet determined why the shooting occurred, according to spokeswoman McKneely.

The inquiry, according to Deputy Chief Myron Daniels, is being carried out in collaboration with the Alcohol, Beverage, and Control agency (ABC), which is in charge of regulating establishments that serve alcohol.

Daniels announced that ABC would look into the “security lapse” at the gathering, which allowed the suspect or suspects to enter with guns despite the absence of private protection.

Police are requesting that anyone with knowledge come forward as the investigation is still open.

According to Chief Paul, “there are people in the inner circle of the guy who is responsible for this, the individuals who were involved in this shooting incident – their family members, their friends – there is someone who knows something.” “Do what is right.”

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