12 People Shot Outside Miami Gardens Restaurant

12 People Shot Outside Miami Gardens Restaurant: On Thursday night, a shooting outside a restaurant in Miami Gardens left close to a dozen people hurt. It occurred around the 2700 block of NW and 175th Street around 8 o’clock in the evening.

According to information obtained by CBS4, a dispute that began elsewhere resulted in a gunshot outside The Licking eatery.

According to witness Ced Mogul, “there were many bullets fired, and it sounded like an assault weapon.”

Six patients were sent to local hospitals, four of whom were flown to the Ryder Trauma Center. Four more either drove alone or were picked up by a driver to go to the hospital.

The incident took place in the restaurant’s parking lot as French Montana, a rapper, was filming a music video. According to Mogul, between 10 and 15 gunshots were heard, and everyone began to flee.

People began to run when they heard gunshots, some of them had blood on their shirts and some of them were sobbing on the ground, according to Mogul. It’s simply tragic,

On Friday morning, Kayla Sanchez returned to the restaurant to seek at her dog.

She claimed that her boyfriend brought their dogs along and rented a 1998 Caprice for the film shoot. One of them, a tan and white English bulldog, fled when the shooting broke out.

The mother of the puppy that remained behind, according to Sanchez, is a dog named Chola.

“My dog fled when the rounds were fired because she was terrified. According to what we understand, she got into someone’s car and leaped out when they reached 22nd Avenue “She spoke.

After the shooting, Sanchez claimed she rushed to the restaurant’s parking lot and was happy to see that her partner was unharmed. She is currently offering a reward for the return of her dog.

There have been no arrests related to the incident to date.

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