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13-Years-Old Schoolboy Gets Beaten Like A Dog By A Gang Of Youths In Shocking Video

13-Years-Old Schoolboy Gets Beaten Like A Dog By A Gang Of Youths In Shocking Video

13-Years-Old Schoolboy Gets Beaten Like A Dog By A Gang Of Youths In Shocking Video

A horrifying video of a schoolboy being brutally thrashed by some youths in a field has surfaced online.

On Thursday night (January 19), a 13-year-old kid is said to have been attacked in Fort William, Scotland, as many teenagers can be heard laughing as they record the horrific event.

Two boys are shown throwing the victim to the ground and repeatedly kicking him in the head and stomach in a video that has been circulating online.

The young man cowered in horror, covering his face with his hands as he cried out for assistance.

My dad is the wealthiest Gypsy in the UK, and I left school at age 11 in order to follow in his footsteps.

A “Deliverance” family friend describes the genealogy of the “deeply inbred” clan and its connections. The boy, a student at Lochaber High, has reportedly been bullied at school for months, but the institution hasn’t done anything to stop it, according to Daily Record.

“My nephew was treated like a dog, and it won’t be long until a youngster is killed,” the boy’s uncle stated.

“There must be harsher penalties for children, and this must begin in the classroom with harsher sanctions.

“The cops are powerless to solve the issue; their hands are tied. Does someone actually need to lose a child for this to be taken seriously?

“The children are acting out because they perceive a lack of order. His mother, my sister, brought up the issue with personnel, but nothing happened.

The youngster was allegedly attacked, leaving him “black and blue,” and he is refusing to go back to school.

Two adolescent males, 13 and 14, will be referred to the youth justice authorities, according to officers looking into the alleged incident.

The boy’s relatives claimed that the school did little to prevent the terrible events on Thursday.

“We were made aware of an incident involving a number of juveniles near Carn Dearg Road in Fort William shortly after 11 pm on Thursday, January 19,” a Police Scotland spokesperson said.

Two male juveniles, 14 and 13, will be referred to the youth justice authorities after investigations are conducted, according to the statement.

“All of our schools take any complaints about bullying extremely seriously and follow national policy on dealing with incidents to ensure each school has a safe and supportive learning environment for everyone,” said a spokesman for Highland Council, which manages Lochaber High School.

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