14 Killed In Mexico Border City Prison Attack

According to state police, armed individuals assaulted a Mexican jail in the city of Ciudad Juarez, which is located in the country’s northern border region. The assault resulted in the deaths of at least 14 persons and allowed 24 inmates to flee.

According to a statement released by the office of the state prosecutor in Chihuahua on Sunday, the attackers arrived at the prison in numerous armored vehicles at 7 am local time (14:00 GMT) and opened fire on the guards. The subsequent anarchy resulted in the deaths of ten prison guards and four inmates. According to the state prosecutor, there were at least thirteen individuals injured.

According to reports from local media, rioting prisoners set fire to a variety of objects inside the facility, and they also fought with security personnel. Mexican army and state police are credited with regaining control of the prison later on Sunday, according to the office of the state prosecutor.

The office stated that at least four persons had been detained but did not indicate whether or not those people were inmates or armed assailants.

There was a lack of information regarding how the 24 fugitive inmates were able to make their escape, and it was not immediately evident who was responsible for carrying out the assault.

According to the statement made by the office of the state prosecutor, its personnel has begun an inquiry.

In Mexican jails, violence is a common occurrence, even in a few of the facilities where officials only maintain nominal control. In prisons such as those in Ciudad Juarez, which act as proxies for drug cartels, there are frequent fights that break out between members of opposing gangs. El Paso, Texas, in the United States, stands directly over the border from this city in Mexico.

In August, a riot that began inside the same state jail moved out onto the streets of Ciudad Juarez, resulting in violence that resulted in the deaths of 11 individuals.

In that particular incident, two convicts were slain inside the prison, and claimed gang members started shooting up the town. Among the victims of these shootings were four employees of a radio station who were promoting a restaurant.

According to a statement released by the office of the state prosecutor in Ciudad Juarez, municipal police were attacked shortly before an assault was carried out on the Ciudad Juarez prison on Sunday. Following a pursuit, the officers were able to apprehend four suspects.

Later, police officers shot and killed two suspected attackers who were driving an SUV.

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