Subway Platform Sh*oting in Philadelphia Claims the Life of a 14-year-old

On Saturday afternoon, police in West Philadelphia reported that a youngster had been sh*t and k!lled while waiting on a train platform. The 5200 block of Market Street is where the incident occurred, according to the Philadelphia Police Department.

Medics took the 14-year-old child, who had been wounded in the chest and the arm, to Presbyterian Hospital, where he subsequently d!ed. Police have not made any arrests and have not located any weapons.

According to WPVI, an ABC News affiliate in Philadelphia, the suspect is an adult male who has now gone on the run. WPVI reports that the 14-year-old was accused of first hitting the suspect in the brawl that ensued.

The following tweet, which can be found below, confirms the news:

SEPTA Police and Philadelphia Police are coordinating their efforts to track down the perpetrator of this crime. In a statement to ABC News, SEPTA called the incident “a horrific tragedy” and expressed its condolences to the victim’s family.

The statement added, “SEPTA serves over 600,000 riders a day, and the vast majority get to-and-from their destinations without incident. However, even one violent crime is too many, and we are continuing to adjust police patrols and add officers to our ranks so we can address hot spots while providing police coverage across the system.”

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